We're serious about servicing businesses. We have
insurance coverage of up to $250,000 per claim.


Insurance for damage/loss of goods during the transportation journey, full value liability


Insurance for any accidental injury, damage to people and/or property

Insurance is covered for the entire delivery journey until order is completed. 

Insurance is covered for the entire delivery journey until order is completed. 




You should notify GoGoVan immediately or as soon as reasonably possible, of any damage or loss to your property. Email [email protected] with the following details:

  1. Full details of what occurred during the incident
  2. Date and time of incident
  3. Personal details of parties involved: Name, Age, NRIC no., Driving License (if required), Contact Details, and Address

To make the claim, we will refer you to our insurance agent, GrinWeiv, who will contact you for more details. Prepare the required documents and submit the completed claim form through the following means:

  • Direct to insurance agent
  • By email to [email protected]
  • Please note that total size for file attachments in email should not exceed 30mb.
  • For medical claims, please send the original medical bills to the following postal address:

From claim to reimbursement, claim time could be 2 weeks up to 2 months depending on how complete the supporting documents are. 

Commonly asked questions


1. Are all businesses entitled to this insurance or must they pay for the premium?

All corporate clients who have signed contract with GoGoVan Singapore Pte Ltd will be automatically covered with effect of 1st June 2016 under this insurance.

2. Will accidental injury or damage of a person be covered during the transportation journey?

If the accident occurred as a result of or during a GoGoVan delivery, then yes it will be covered.

3. What kind of damage is covered? How will it be assessed?

The GoGoVan insurance cover damages that falls under Public Liability and Bailee Insurance. All damages or incidents will be examined by GoGoVan and the insurance company.

4. What is the minimum cost of the item before it can be insured?

There is no minimum cost. Please note that there are items that are not insured.

5. Which items are not covered?

The following items are not insured: military goods, weapons, explosives, livestock, bloodstock, frozen food, temperature controlled cargo, cash in transit, precious jewellery, antiques, paintings, sculptures and the likes.

6. Does Bailee insurance cover perishable goods?

If the cargo has to be temperature controlled, it will not be covered. However, goods that can be transported in room temperate are covered.

7. What kind of Loss of Goods is covered? How do we know is driver stole it or not?

If goods was stolen by another party, it is covered (e.g if driver left the vehicles unattended and goods disappeared, insurance company will carry out an investigation.) However, if it involves outside parties other than driver, this constitutes for a criminal act and a police report is required. In the case of mysterious disappearance and no basis of loss of goods, there will be no payout.

For any enquiries


Email: [email protected]
Hotline: (+65) 6836 1110